Deloris and Geffory

John Thacker

John Thacker, born June 28, 1995. In his early years John wanted to work in a shop until he deicded to take up acting as he realised he was very creative and enjoyed performing on camera, singing, dancing, script writing, acting, song writing and Producing. He started his career by joining a drama group called Helen O'Grady Drama Group what he stayed at from 2004 - 2007, then decided that he wanted to now do that job full time, so then in 2007 he went into a Thertre Production called Bugsy Malone and started a more proffectional drama acadamy Jacuqeline Chadwich Acadamy of Performing arts. He stayed there for two year from 2007-2009 and then decided its time to make that one last hurdle and heard about a drama group called David Johnnson Drama School. In 2009 he is now fully joined David Johnnson and is looking for agents and auditions. On November 28th 2009, he appeard at the Robert Powell Thetre in Salford, and is on the waiting list for Wartaloo road in the new year. From 2009-2011 he is doing a Creative and Media Diploma and doing varies plays and productions from that. On other projects he is currently orginisng and writing a new film called Love? what is set for release in June and is working on his first album "Sweet Temptation" and a physical release album for the future "Be Yourself". Also working on a group, and another future TV series called "Beyer Close", Watch this space.

Siobhan Coleman

Siobhan Coleman born August 10 1994. Siobhan's brother Sean Coleman works for Galaxy Radio as a DJ. In 2007 Siobhan joined Jacuqueline Chadwick Acadamy of Performing Arts, Originally she only joined to make friends but then in summer 2008 she decided to take it on after years of pursuing Radio Presenting and Advertising, and caught the acting bug. In 2009 she left the acadamy and moved to David Johnnson Drama School, where she is currently studying Classical, (Wheras John is studying Modern/Rom-Com Drama). On other projects, she is a very imprtent part of the Deloris and Geffory team, she is working on other internet things with Helen Colgan, and another TV series Open For Business what was due for release in May but now has been pushed back to Novemebr 2010 through a script changes, Siobhan Coleman will also co-write. By the way neither John or Siobhan sound anyhing like they do on deloris and Geffory.