Deloris and Geffory


- Deloris and Geffory has offically been recommitioned for another series.
- on the 4-5th of Decmeber the Final two episodes of series 1 will be filmed in Preswich, and will be on youtube be Christmas.
- the Complete Series 1 will be on DVD 12/03/10

About Deloris and Geffory

Welcome to the Deloris and geffory home page. Here we will tell you evrething what is going on in the world of Deloris and Geffory. Also we have interviews from John Thacker and Siobhan Coleman, Video' and Links, and more.
Deloris and Geffory is about two people (Deloris and Geffory) who walks there dogs toghther with funny events all in there own little world and has evreything from marring tree's to going to gullivers world enjoy.