Deloris and Geffory

Episode 1

The first ever episode of Deloris and Geffory. Geffory tells Deloris h has a idea, "Let marry a tree", and then Derlis ends up marring the tree of her dreams "Nicky". Meanwhile, Deloris and Geffory have another argument on how to say "Thom-as", what ends up with them both gettng lost and Deloris getting the fright of her life. 

Notes - Showed the first Doggy Dance.
Ratings: 1 week - 111 views
2 week - 12 views
1 month- TBA

Episode 2

Deloris finds out some shocking news about Nicky, he has been cheating. Shortly after she gets divorced. Nicky finds a dead Mousee in the forest hen he decides that they have to have a funreal for it. Nicky perswades Deloris to tell Nicky she's pregnant.

Notes - First episode to show cast at the beginning of the episode.
Ratings: 1 week - 52 views
2 Week - 18 views
1 Month -

Episode 3

Deloris and Geffory get Thom-as and Tiddlywinks to go onto a date, what leads to hilarious madness. Deloris and Geffory then take the dogs deep into the forest when they spot a dinosaw. Meanwhile a game of Poo sticks leads to war.

Notes - Only episode not to features the doggy dance.
Ratings: 1 week - 50 views
2 week - 7 views
1 month - TBA

Episode 4

Halloween Special. Deloris stays at Geffory's house for a couple of days (after a Libary insident). Geffory then has a idea to go to Gullivers World for halloween. They then have a fun day in Gullivers and on a mad bouncy castle. At the end of the episode Deloris gives birth to bby Twiglet.

Notes- Orginally the Halloween episode was not going to be included in the first seires, however then they decided to only moderatly include it.
Ratings: 1 week - TBA
2 week -  TBA

Episode 5 (Filming)


Episode 6 (Series Finale/filming)